Winnebago Repairs

When you have purchased your Winnebago American Motorhome, you now need peace of mind that you can rely on a repair centre to look after your Winnebago Motorhome. LAS Motorhomes are here to help whatever your problem we can sort it out for you.

LAS Motorhomes carry out all the repairs in house, so as to control the very high standard they demand.  We carry out body repairs, carpentry work, and electrical work, in fact you name it we can do it.

LAS Motorhomes have many years experience in repairing Winnebago Motorhomes and they work closely with the UK main agent carrying out some of the more complex tasks for them.

Whatever the problem we can help, as in this case the Winnebago owner had an unfortunate accident when both windscreens got broken.

Or the customer had damage to the roof due to a tree falling and didn’t find out until it was too late.

The damage was that extensive from the rain water that LAS Motorhomes needed to replace the rubber membrane.

LAS Motorhomes prides itself on carrying out all repairs, not like a lot of workshops who only do the easy tasks.  As you can see from this picture, the rear axle oil was contaminated which led LAS Motorhomes to replace the wheel bearing and crown wheel and pinion.

When things go really wrong then LAS Motorhomes are here to help.  In this case an automatic gearbox is under repair.

For any more information on repairing your Winnebago Motorhome please call LAS Motorhomes on 01604 861999.